One of the big things we shall ramble about later is MODERATION.

January 31, 2008

in that vein I give you these for this weekend.

Fun to make and really, People, I PROMISE you that one cupcake savored and ENJOYED will NOT derail ya. Life is all about working in the treat-times.

Me? Im creatingcrafting these as, at times, *my* life is all about the Groundhog.

(and you thought you knew your MizFit…)


Still antsy? Even after your crunches?

January 29, 2008

(and can we never ever talk about the results of that, please? let’s apply one of my fave phrases “it is what it is” and just move the hell on.)

I just finished a column for here about using music as a tool for exercise motivation (will run in march) and then stumbled upon* these.

I dont use an ipod whilst I exercise but that chickenbus? just might make me rethink the matter.

Consider THAT your TuesTrendTidbit.

An early treat from a benevolent MizFit.

(Oh, and feel free to call me by my Dances With Wolves name: She Weak In Abs)

*if by stumbled upon you mean someone emailed me the info and Im now forgetting whom—which I do.

Getting antsy whilst yer waiting?

January 27, 2008

Try the crunch test.

I’ll do the same & we can compare notes on (cue confetti/Pink’s Get The Party Started) the 4th.

MizFit is coming.

January 23, 2008


February 4th OFFICIALLY.

What, exactly, will you find starting the fourth day of the aforementioned FREEZING month? (Im so glad you asked!)

Mondays? Launch your week with a podcast. a video of MizFit (and her toddlertornado & cantankerous canine depending on who decides to wander on screen).

I’ll show you the proper form for those pesky exercises you’ve been struggling with, ramble about the latest & greatest in fitness research, or debut my home-dyed-feria-midnight hairDONT. You’ll just have to check back and see.

Tuesdays? Trends. Sure we’ll snark about the latest fitness gadgets, but we’ll also pause to mock celebrities and their high waisted jeans. A woman’s gotta laugh.

Wednesdays? This ones on you, People. Your questions. Your comments. Your emails.

Thursdays? Food glorious FOOD. Tips. Information. Recipes. Yours and mine. (mainly yours/others’ as mine oft start with “ok, head over to the microwave”).

Fridays? Lots of LINK LOVE & frequent fabulous freebies.

MizFit is highly aware that not only hath she NOT cornered the market on fitness—she hasnt yet secured the space in the produce section where they shove the enormous roll of connected plastic bags.

On Fridays we’ll check out what else is shakin’ around the ‘net *AND* compete for the fantabulous freebies Im excited to send your way.



See you on the FOURTH!