Pack up your protein bars…

February 10, 2008

We’re moving on UP.

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a HUGE thank you shout out MizFit lovextravaganza goes out to this woman for helping me move my chickenbus.

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Link Love and a Friday FREEBIE!

February 8, 2008

Let’s start the link love with a little craziness and a little MizFit Pats Herself On Back:

I HEART my morning coffee.


The Toddler Tornado awakens EARLY so I try & get up even earlier to I jolt my brain into action before the PeePeePotty-summoning commences.

Id gotten to the point where I so JAMPACKED the filter with grounds that I’d quickhurry dump it before Renaissance Man could see sheerly out of embarrassment (first sign of a problem, huh? still wasnt my rock bottom).

What was my rock bottom (thanks for asking!)?

The fact that my morning java had grown so strong not only couldnt I finish it—it gave me the dreaded But I Need You To Wake Me Up You Cant Start Giving Me A STOMACHACHE-itis.

As a result, I started over & now kick off my morning with the weakest coffee known to (wo)mankind. This guy? He says you need no coffee at all.

Im a skeptic, but MizFit is all about the do as I say not as I do.

Speaking of *dont do* as she now says she did: this one disappointed me.

Back in the (graduate school) day I worked in retail. The fantabulous Ms. Moore blew in one afternoon all SORTS of pretty, polished and practically perfect in every way. *sigh*

She was, to boot, completely lovely and kind.

A woman’s woman in that she looked fit & fab but not emaciated-chic.

Who knew she was most likely standing there starving as my retail associates & I chatted with her and snarfed fig newtons behind the register.

sad and oddly disappointing to me.


I leave you, however, on a lighter BRIGHTER freebie note!

My plan is to have friday freebies as often as I can secure *fun* treats & Im kicking off with one of my favorites.

Hot Mama Ink.

Charitable? Woman owned? Canines? Tattoos? Seriously, People, what’s NOT to love?

I adore them (as evidenced by my tank top in my Monday Facetime extravaganza and the fact that, since I profit not from these, I was sorely tempted to KEEP this giveaway).

They’ve been generous enough to donate a not yet released/hot off the proverbial presses long sleeved tee to this week’s freebie winner.

(it’s so new that all I know about it is that it bears their fierce love outline)

How do you win you ask? (I know. Cut to the chase.)

Leave a comment telling me what the SILLIEST thing is/stunt you pulled in the name of weight loss.

I am going to pull names from a hat but still appreciate the laughter amidst my “really, Julianne? you bought into all that?!” disappointment.

Have a great weekend!

If this isnt a post which BEGS for some reader help Im not sure what is.

February 7, 2008

To know me is to know NEVER to ask me for recipes.

It isnt that I cant cook (because really, there’s nothing I loathe more than a woman who pulls the “oooh, Id burn water if I tried to boil it” chickenbus.) it’s just that for the most part I choose to eat my foods as close to their original state as I can.

I really like to eat clean (some might call it plain) and find that I feel far better and more energetic when I do.

A few years ago this clean eating mightcould have been about vanity (who can even recall)—but now? It’s all about keeping my tank filled with high-octane ANYTHING that will allow me to run around with my daughter around 12 hours a day.

But I digress (whine? tomato. tomaaahto.) as the entire reason for this post is to bestow upon you one of my recipe favorites.

Sure it’s good for you.

SURE it’s a fantiztastic way to start your day (hint hint to those of you out there STILL skipping breakfast).

But despite all that it really is good.

MizFit’s Mishmashed Almost ‘Cakes

1 cup egg substitute.

1/4 cup cottage cheese

1/3 cup protein powder. ANY BRAND. Read the label. You can use FLAVORED but just remember we want LOW SUGAR.

1/4 Fiber One (original)

1/4 cup dry oatmeal

1/4 cup Sugar free syrup

Blend the above Chickenbus in a blender and VOILA.

Now, if youre me, you shall find that each time you make these the batter turns out a different consistency (what’s THAT about?).

Sometimes it’s a bit too thin and Ill add flax seeds to thicken (flax? an upcoming entry in & of itself) or too thick and I’ll dump in more egg substitute (pure protein, People!) or syrup (pure heaven, People!).

Play around with it.

You might prefer to add some honey or frozen/fresh fruit to sweeten and you COULD lessen the fiber & use 1/2 cup dry oats and skip the Fiber One.

After the concoction is complete you simply make pancakes as you would with any other (odd high protein) batter.

Me? I like to use a waffle iron every now & again for some texturizing variety.

Go forth and find your blenders—–I’ll wait.

Give em a try and let me know how they turn out.

Feel free to comment below or, as always, email me at

Viewer mail.*

February 6, 2008

I’m 54, overweight and out of shape. Once thin and buff, serious back problems and peri-menopause has given me a”blob” like shape.

My cholesterol spiked and I’m now taking medication. My blood sugar is high normal – our family is genetically predispositioned to diabetes – both types.

After raising three sons, we adopted a baby from Guatemala. Do the math – I’ll be parenting well into my senior years.

Sure, I keep up with her and work a few hours a day. My friends are impressed.

I am not because my body is aging; I feel it happening.

I whined to a you already and you told me to get on our treadmill for five minutes a day to start.

I bucked – I detest walking and getting no where.

I begged my hubby to let me walk our three dogs in the evening while he watched our daughter.

He agreed & I know he wants my thin buff body back although he never says a thing – he values his life.

Now, each night in the cold I take a brisk twenty minute walk. My dogs are in heaven. When I return home with cold rosy cheeks I feel fabulous and have even slowed down on the “night snacking.”

I’m at the place where anything you suggest I will try to do. I’m desperate and I trust you.

You’re reasonable but don’t accept excuses.

This is not just about me, but about keeping in shape for my daughter. I don’t want to be using a walker at her high school graduation and in a wheel chair at her college graduation. She deserves more – I deserve more.

Overweight & Out Of Shape

First? I have to say that while this letter is, indeed, from a ringer (is that the word I want? plant?) it’s also from a woman Ive never been fortunate enough to meet in person but with whom Ive been working/coaching/encouraging for a while.

One important piece of her email JUMPED right out at me and has two parts: she initially asked my advice, flatly refused (and proffered MYRIAD creative excuses) but then (without even telling me) she JUST DID IT.

She realized that (and this is key!) her daughter deserved more and she deserved more.

She decided that she was *worth it* (that’s all Im gonna say for now as we shall revisit that sentiment again & again & again.)

That’s the first part.

The second? She didnt take my advice about doing the treadmill because she KNEW it wasnt something she’d enjoy (and yes, I realize we’re using the term “enjoy” loosely).

Instead she created her own routine–complete with the canines she adores–and has, as a result, started walking down her path to success.

Take a minute. Think about what you used to enjoy doing when exercise wasnt something you HAD to do but an activity you did for FUN!

Jumprope? Dancing? Forward rolls? Pogo Stick-ing? Hip-hop dance?

I dare say that many of our initial responses might be (accompanying *eyeroll*) nothing—but I also venture to say that it’s because we’ve all bought into the notion of attaching a MUST or a SHOULD when thinking about doing anything physical.

We’ve lost the ability (unlike my Toddler Tornado) to do things with our bodies without an ulterior (read: weight loss) motive.

Take a moment.

Make a list.

What was the last thing you experienced physically where, when you finished, you thought: DANG, I FEEL ALIVE!

I’ll start you off with mine (get yer minds out of the gutter): going headfirst (at aforementioned Tornado’s insistence) down a slide.

Now that might not end up as my workout routine–but it was a good clue to me that I need to get my butt off the stationary bike and on the monkey bars a little more often.

It reminded me how much I used to love to HULA HOOP and, while doing so as a kid, never once had a mental ticker going with regards to how many thin mints Id hoop’d off!


I know it sounds silly but whatever it is MAKE the time for it. (all together now) You’re worth it.

*Ive always wanted to say that and it’s *finally* applicable since I sucked it up & hauled out the video camera.

I guess it could make a pedicurist’s job more pleasant?

February 5, 2008

These have been all over the internet and, since they officially launched last friday, presumably all over town as well.


You see I’m a sneaker addict from *way* back.


As in I’m happily still sporting my lovingly cared for 95 Nike Air Maxes (the real ones, People, not the rerelease.).

I’m also a *huge* fan of having sneakers at which other people scoff (please to see my neon yellow Nike Air Rifts procured at the lowlow price of $9.99).

Yet even I draw the line at a sneaker which hath been shoved with a scented sockliner.

For some reason I cant get out of my mind precisely how the shoes mightcould smell after many, many wearings (think old Kool-Aid + dried, congealed foot sweat “glow”).

Now, the matching apparel Reebock is launching?

Mizfit is ALL IN if they’re selling a Kool-Aid Man suit. Every girl needs one of those hanging in her closet for the day after a mini-cheesecake binge (not that I’m singling anyone out here) or when she’s been subliminally coerced into consuming a few too many cupcakes.

Do tell: will you be sucked in by Reebok’s scentvertising or, like MizFit, do you prefer *all* your smells to be spritzed or slathered on post-shower?

(bonus points if you can figure out who the heck their target market is)

Start the parade! MizFit’s here & she’s wearing her favorite tanktop!

February 4, 2008