Link Love and a Friday FREEBIE!

Let’s start the link love with a little craziness and a little MizFit Pats Herself On Back:

I HEART my morning coffee.


The Toddler Tornado awakens EARLY so I try & get up even earlier to I jolt my brain into action before the PeePeePotty-summoning commences.

Id gotten to the point where I so JAMPACKED the filter with grounds that I’d quickhurry dump it before Renaissance Man could see sheerly out of embarrassment (first sign of a problem, huh? still wasnt my rock bottom).

What was my rock bottom (thanks for asking!)?

The fact that my morning java had grown so strong not only couldnt I finish it—it gave me the dreaded But I Need You To Wake Me Up You Cant Start Giving Me A STOMACHACHE-itis.

As a result, I started over & now kick off my morning with the weakest coffee known to (wo)mankind. This guy? He says you need no coffee at all.

Im a skeptic, but MizFit is all about the do as I say not as I do.

Speaking of *dont do* as she now says she did: this one disappointed me.

Back in the (graduate school) day I worked in retail. The fantabulous Ms. Moore blew in one afternoon all SORTS of pretty, polished and practically perfect in every way. *sigh*

She was, to boot, completely lovely and kind.

A woman’s woman in that she looked fit & fab but not emaciated-chic.

Who knew she was most likely standing there starving as my retail associates & I chatted with her and snarfed fig newtons behind the register.

sad and oddly disappointing to me.


I leave you, however, on a lighter BRIGHTER freebie note!

My plan is to have friday freebies as often as I can secure *fun* treats & Im kicking off with one of my favorites.

Hot Mama Ink.

Charitable? Woman owned? Canines? Tattoos? Seriously, People, what’s NOT to love?

I adore them (as evidenced by my tank top in my Monday Facetime extravaganza and the fact that, since I profit not from these, I was sorely tempted to KEEP this giveaway).

They’ve been generous enough to donate a not yet released/hot off the proverbial presses long sleeved tee to this week’s freebie winner.

(it’s so new that all I know about it is that it bears their fierce love outline)

How do you win you ask? (I know. Cut to the chase.)

Leave a comment telling me what the SILLIEST thing is/stunt you pulled in the name of weight loss.

I am going to pull names from a hat but still appreciate the laughter amidst my “really, Julianne? you bought into all that?!” disappointment.

Have a great weekend!


29 Responses to Link Love and a Friday FREEBIE!

  1. Tricia says:

    After puttin on the freshman 10 lbs at VT, I ate boiled chicken (which was boiled in my hot pot in my dorm room) for every meal for day for 5 days after reading somewhere that I could lose the weight quickly & safely with the tasteless chicken. I was miserable. And living with an anorexic who ate 5 grapes for a meal and constantly told me, “Nothing tastes as good as THINNESS feels.”

    Can you believe I survived?


  2. Michelle says:

    Hey Tricia – I think that 5 grape a meal chick lived next door to me. We tried doing an intervention about 1/2 way through the year and she never spoke to any of us again.

    I’ve had to give up all things caffeine and I have to tell you even though I didn’t consume a lot of caffeine giving it up sucks. I have braved a few cups of caffeine free coffee just so I can feel normal and have my latte or a cup of coffee when out to breakfast. I don’t understand why anyone would drink it if they didn’t have to but it isn’t so bad. I’ve been sticking to decaf tea mostly. Eh.

    I’ve never done anything too crazy to lose weight…I’ve always struggled with weight but never have been good at deprivation. I like food. A lot. Although I do laugh that I used to think I was eating healthy back in the low-fat, what is a carb days – I ate pasta or rice as a meal and felt like that was good for me because there was no fat in it.

  3. MizFit says:

    AHHH youth huh? (I wont say that I actually like boiled chicken and rice with many spritzes of soy sauce)
    I shall say that it made me SAD about the 5 grapes and then thinness feels.

    Life is way TOO short.


  4. MizFit says:

    I HEART YOU and your attitude about deprivation.

    thats it.

    carry on.

    Go about your day.



  5. Trace says:

    No weight loss stunt, but I do know about the coffee thing. The strong coffee actually make my urinary tract uncomfortable because it’s so acidic, so I switched to milder then I began having trouble sleeping at night and I learned the half life of coffee is 8 hours or something. I cut back to 1 cup decaf after that. : – (.

  6. MizFit says:


    you used a word here with which I am unfamiliar.
    it begins with a “D”

    I shall have to look it up.



  7. Dana says:

    The SILLIEST thing? I trained for my first marathon — thinking 26 miles — how can you not loose weight? But I got so hungry from all the running — that in then end — I gained weight! I still loved running though.


  8. MizFit says:

    Duly noted, Dana.

    not that I was in danger o’marathon running.


    MizFit, who only runs if chased.

  9. The absolute silliest thing I did was in 1987 when the fitness industry introduced these “horizontal” exercise machines. Every day, I’d leave work during a split shift at a restaurant and be strapped into these “tables that moved” and fall asleep (it WAS college). I figured I was being soooo efficient in my time management–losing weight and catching up on sleep!

    Shockingly they didn’t work….the weight loss or the concept! He he.

  10. Karen says:

    In the far distant past I “believed” that if I was even one pound above the magic number I was only allowed to consume diet Pepsi until said number again appeared. Can you say obsessive/compulsive who had constant headaches/stomachaches? One sick puppy, huh? Now I can laugh at it but it was sadder than it was silly.

  11. Heather says:

    The craziest thing I ever did to lose weight? Diet.

    I’ve seen my mom do them all (and sometimes joined her)-the cabbage soup diet; grapefruit; atkins (very crazy for us because my mom and I don’t like meat); consuming only slim fast and diet pepsi . . . .

    And the Julianne Moore thing makes me so sad. Because that’s not a way to go through life, and her kids learn their eating habits from HER! Cycles of abuse can include self-abuse. So sad.

  12. melany says:

    As I sit here at Panera drinking my (strong, second cup of) coffee… I am trying to think of the silliest thing I’ve ever done to lose weight. I actually am one of those admittedly lucky people who eats like a horse much of the time and don’t gain tons of weight… now, at 35 i’m not saying that I can eat whatever and look my best… but I acknowledge that it is not as much of a struggle that some people have.

    But, for me, the silliness that comes to mind is from a couple years ago when I started having panic attacks (I’ve always struggled some with anxiety) – and the result of my panicked state and subsequent medicating was for me to lose about 10 lbs – and I was Psyched! No, I didn’t need to lose weight, yes, I was too thin. But, there I was in my miserable mental state – happy as can be that a size 2 was feeing too big. Stupid, stupid. And, please no one think me one of those annoying people that complains about a size 2… if you’ve met me – you know I’m not tiny – I’m normal – and I do proudly fill out all my clothes now. πŸ˜‰

  13. MizFit says:

    Kelley? Id buy into that chickenbus in a HEARTBEAT today. MizFit would love some NONFATBURNING shut eye!

    Karen, I wont give you the “cyberhugs” chickenbus as Im SO GLAD youve moved past that so we are NOT gonna even go there.
    what a gift aging can be, huh?

    Heather, the atkins comment made me laugh (for myriad reasons :)) and THANK YOU for sharing my feelings on Julianna.
    I was beginning to think I was the only celeb-obsessed/saddened among us.


  14. MizFit says:

    your comment? I laughed. I cried. It was better than Cats.

    perhaps pass on your 3rd cup?

    OR not.
    if you dont, please to solve the worlds problems and get back to us.


  15. Lisa says:

    Back when I thought I needed to lose weight (different country, 40 pounds lighter) I heard about a new diet where you stopped eating after 2pm, with no restrictions before.
    I gained several pounds the first week – amazing what I could eat before 2;pm!
    Lisa S. (Who has walked everyday this week in cold and rain.)

  16. MizFit says:

    Ask the kids say (WAIT FOR IT) LOL!
    It’s amazing the damage one (I? who can say.) if the gauntlet is thrown down in the form of a time limit.

    KUDOS on the walking,


  17. Teresa says:

    I can’t think of anything silly or crazy that I’ve done to lose weight. That being said, I’ve probably blocked it out. I do know that at one time I convinced myself that cheese was evil so that I wouldn’t blow my WW points. But, alas, I love cheese and I have learned to accept it with all its faults. πŸ™‚ I’m in a much happier place now.

  18. PJ Hoover says:

    I ate nothing but popcorn one summer. But I do love popcorn. Always have. Always will.

    My mom convinced me to do a cottage cheese diet one time. Nothing but cottage cheese for two weeks. I tried. I can eat a lot of cottage cheese. Two weeks later – no weight lost.

  19. MizFit says:

    Teresa, Glad you are in a happier place. is it COLD in said locale?

    and PJ?
    all summer?
    Did you carry it around with you in a feed sack.
    inquiring minds,


  20. Hmmm, I’m thinking. About 15 years ago I worked with a group of women about 10 years older than me. I was in my early 20s (don’t do the math, I’m still 20). They were into any and every diet that came about. I was tiny but dieted with them to help them???? Or maybe I thought I was fat – who knows. We all split frozen yogurt for lunch, snuck a few snacks in between (don’t tell anybody) then went to step aerobics class after work. Then turned on the tv at home and treadmilled it until every calorie from dinner was worked off.

    Here’s the kicker…….
    Then we’d go out drinking 4 nights a week. And I’d listen to them talk about their sagging butts, wrinkles, etc. Now I’m living the sagging butt! Evidently if your butt cheeks touched your legs your ass was way too saggy and huge.

    And there was the one summer that I was so broke I lived on frozen yogurt (splurge), cold cereal, and ramen noodles. Does that count as a diet? How about let’s call it the POVERTY DIET.

    In case you’re wondering…I’m not in danger of being addicted to frozen yogurt — I finally figured out that I was allergic to dairy after seeing many doctors about stomach problems. Go figure! NOW I’M ADDICTED TO DARK CHOCOLATE.

  21. MizFit says:


    Living the saggy butt?

    May MizFit beg to differ (and clarify Ive never actually beheld said butt :))?!

    And poverty diet? Ive been there. Mine? RICE & skittles.

    dont ask.


  22. P says:

    No crazy stories here. I did go thru several months of just eating applesauce and jello, but oh my, I was siiiick and those were the only things that didn’t upset my very fragile tummy.

    Maybe my crazy story is that I’d take that ailment back in order to lose a few!

  23. Karen says:

    Crazy weight loss story, huh?


    Let me just start by saying that I have six tattoos, and I LOVE that tank. The body ink alone should earn me that tank.

    Once upon a time, about a hundred years ago, I decided that exercising in all of my spare time would get me the body I wanted. So I did. I did so many sit-ups (crunches???) over a period of time that I ended up on bed rest. For a week. My back – it was bad.

    As I said, it was about a hundred years ago. What I wouldn’t give for some of that bed rest now. (sorry, Michelle)

    I heard beer was fat free. If I did nothing but consume beer, would I lose weight????

    I heart you, Mizfit.

  24. Ashley says:

    Let me just say that I have missed your CHICKENBUS since your closed E’s door. I was a never commenting lurker… glad to be able to read your humor again.

    Diets… I once ate only Phoenix cookies ( some kind of fiber filled cookie that you drink with 32 oz of water) The fiber did a number on me and anything else I ate went right through me… not to much after I was in the hospital for kidney stones??? Connection??? And why on Earth did my mom let me do that?

  25. Ashley says:

    P.S. Sometimes I wish I could find Phoenix cookies again

  26. MizFit says:

    Ill bite and am gonna google those cookies.
    NOT TO TRY THE DIET (that Id ever admit to anyway :)) but I need to find out what on EARTH was in those!!
    Like the name though.
    Like a PHOENIX RISING from the FIBER ashes πŸ™‚

    And Karen? we are peas in a comfy tattoo’d pod.
    IF I HAD A MILLION DOLLARS you’d be Hot Mama’d from Head 2 Tat.


  27. Gibb says:

    It’s not silly, but I did NutriSystem two years ago. Crazy expensive but super easy and I lost 25 pounds. And in two years I have only gained about five back. Which based on the amount of ice cream I have been eating lately is actually quite miraculous!

  28. MizFit says:

    Hey Gibb (do people call you that? LOVE IT),

    I was writing an article this weekend for a national diet company (mums the word unfortunately) and rediscovered the statistic that 95 percent of people regain ALL their weight.

    GO YOU!


  29. Free Tabacco!!!…

    Free Tabacco!!!…

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