I guess it could make a pedicurist’s job more pleasant?

February 5, 2008

These have been all over the internet and, since they officially launched last friday, presumably all over town as well.


You see I’m a sneaker addict from *way* back.


As in I’m happily still sporting my lovingly cared for 95 Nike Air Maxes (the real ones, People, not the rerelease.).

I’m also a *huge* fan of having sneakers at which other people scoff (please to see my neon yellow Nike Air Rifts procured at the lowlow price of $9.99).

Yet even I draw the line at a sneaker which hath been shoved with a scented sockliner.

For some reason I cant get out of my mind precisely how the shoes mightcould smell after many, many wearings (think old Kool-Aid + dried, congealed foot sweat “glow”).

Now, the matching apparel Reebock is launching?

Mizfit is ALL IN if they’re selling a Kool-Aid Man suit. Every girl needs one of those hanging in her closet for the day after a mini-cheesecake binge (not that I’m singling anyone out here) or when she’s been subliminally coerced into consuming a few too many cupcakes.

Do tell: will you be sucked in by Reebok’s scentvertising or, like MizFit, do you prefer *all* your smells to be spritzed or slathered on post-shower?

(bonus points if you can figure out who the heck their target market is)


Still antsy? Even after your crunches?

January 29, 2008

(and can we never ever talk about the results of that, please? let’s apply one of my fave phrases “it is what it is” and just move the hell on.)

I just finished a column for here about using music as a tool for exercise motivation (will run in march) and then stumbled upon* these.

I dont use an ipod whilst I exercise but that chickenbus? just might make me rethink the matter.

Consider THAT your TuesTrendTidbit.

An early treat from a benevolent MizFit.

(Oh, and feel free to call me by my Dances With Wolves name: She Weak In Abs)

*if by stumbled upon you mean someone emailed me the info and Im now forgetting whom—which I do.