Secret Blog Crushes:

Cranky Fitness

Granola’s Do Dallas

Hoop Girl

Type Little A

Mark’s Daily Apple

Recipe Love:

Cupcake Blog


All Homemade Cookies

Where else MizFit rambles:

Austin American Statesman

Good Life Magazine

Listen To Your Wife

Blog Mommy Blog!


2 Responses to Shoutouts.

  1. Lynda says:


    Great site! Okay, I have two knees that need replacing. Any kindler, gentler exercise suggestions to build the quad muscles w/o stressing the knees? Lynda

  2. Lisa says:

    I have a total knee replacement with metal rods up my thigh and down my lower leg. What can you hook me up with? I’d love to get rid of the huge roll I get when I set down. Kinda grosses me out!

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