Link Love and a Friday FREEBIE!

February 8, 2008

Let’s start the link love with a little craziness and a little MizFit Pats Herself On Back:

I HEART my morning coffee.


The Toddler Tornado awakens EARLY so I try & get up even earlier to I jolt my brain into action before the PeePeePotty-summoning commences.

Id gotten to the point where I so JAMPACKED the filter with grounds that I’d quickhurry dump it before Renaissance Man could see sheerly out of embarrassment (first sign of a problem, huh? still wasnt my rock bottom).

What was my rock bottom (thanks for asking!)?

The fact that my morning java had grown so strong not only couldnt I finish it—it gave me the dreaded But I Need You To Wake Me Up You Cant Start Giving Me A STOMACHACHE-itis.

As a result, I started over & now kick off my morning with the weakest coffee known to (wo)mankind. This guy? He says you need no coffee at all.

Im a skeptic, but MizFit is all about the do as I say not as I do.

Speaking of *dont do* as she now says she did: this one disappointed me.

Back in the (graduate school) day I worked in retail. The fantabulous Ms. Moore blew in one afternoon all SORTS of pretty, polished and practically perfect in every way. *sigh*

She was, to boot, completely lovely and kind.

A woman’s woman in that she looked fit & fab but not emaciated-chic.

Who knew she was most likely standing there starving as my retail associates & I chatted with her and snarfed fig newtons behind the register.

sad and oddly disappointing to me.


I leave you, however, on a lighter BRIGHTER freebie note!

My plan is to have friday freebies as often as I can secure *fun* treats & Im kicking off with one of my favorites.

Hot Mama Ink.

Charitable? Woman owned? Canines? Tattoos? Seriously, People, what’s NOT to love?

I adore them (as evidenced by my tank top in my Monday Facetime extravaganza and the fact that, since I profit not from these, I was sorely tempted to KEEP this giveaway).

They’ve been generous enough to donate a not yet released/hot off the proverbial presses long sleeved tee to this week’s freebie winner.

(it’s so new that all I know about it is that it bears their fierce love outline)

How do you win you ask? (I know. Cut to the chase.)

Leave a comment telling me what the SILLIEST thing is/stunt you pulled in the name of weight loss.

I am going to pull names from a hat but still appreciate the laughter amidst my “really, Julianne? you bought into all that?!” disappointment.

Have a great weekend!