If this isnt a post which BEGS for some reader help Im not sure what is.

February 7, 2008

To know me is to know NEVER to ask me for recipes.

It isnt that I cant cook (because really, there’s nothing I loathe more than a woman who pulls the “oooh, Id burn water if I tried to boil it” chickenbus.) it’s just that for the most part I choose to eat my foods as close to their original state as I can.

I really like to eat clean (some might call it plain) and find that I feel far better and more energetic when I do.

A few years ago this clean eating mightcould have been about vanity (who can even recall)—but now? It’s all about keeping my tank filled with high-octane ANYTHING that will allow me to run around with my daughter around 12 hours a day.

But I digress (whine? tomato. tomaaahto.) as the entire reason for this post is to bestow upon you one of my recipe favorites.

Sure it’s good for you.

SURE it’s a fantiztastic way to start your day (hint hint to those of you out there STILL skipping breakfast).

But despite all that it really is good.

MizFit’s Mishmashed Almost ‘Cakes

1 cup egg substitute.

1/4 cup cottage cheese

1/3 cup protein powder. ANY BRAND. Read the label. You can use FLAVORED but just remember we want LOW SUGAR.

1/4 Fiber One (original)

1/4 cup dry oatmeal

1/4 cup Sugar free syrup

Blend the above Chickenbus in a blender and VOILA.

Now, if youre me, you shall find that each time you make these the batter turns out a different consistency (what’s THAT about?).

Sometimes it’s a bit too thin and Ill add flax seeds to thicken (flax? an upcoming entry in & of itself) or too thick and I’ll dump in more egg substitute (pure protein, People!) or syrup (pure heaven, People!).

Play around with it.

You might prefer to add some honey or frozen/fresh fruit to sweeten and you COULD lessen the fiber & use 1/2 cup dry oats and skip the Fiber One.

After the concoction is complete you simply make pancakes as you would with any other (odd high protein) batter.

Me? I like to use a waffle iron every now & again for some texturizing variety.

Go forth and find your blenders—–I’ll wait.

Give em a try and let me know how they turn out.

Feel free to comment below or, as always, email me at MizFit08@yahoo.com