I guess it could make a pedicurist’s job more pleasant?

February 5, 2008

These have been all over the internet and, since they officially launched last friday, presumably all over town as well.


You see I’m a sneaker addict from *way* back.


As in I’m happily still sporting my lovingly cared for 95 Nike Air Maxes (the real ones, People, not the rerelease.).

I’m also a *huge* fan of having sneakers at which other people scoff (please to see my neon yellow Nike Air Rifts procured at the lowlow price of $9.99).

Yet even I draw the line at a sneaker which hath been shoved with a scented sockliner.

For some reason I cant get out of my mind precisely how the shoes mightcould smell after many, many wearings (think old Kool-Aid + dried, congealed foot sweat “glow”).

Now, the matching apparel Reebock is launching?

Mizfit is ALL IN if they’re selling a Kool-Aid Man suit. Every girl needs one of those hanging in her closet for the day after a mini-cheesecake binge (not that I’m singling anyone out here) or when she’s been subliminally coerced into consuming a few too many cupcakes.

Do tell: will you be sucked in by Reebok’s scentvertising or, like MizFit, do you prefer *all* your smells to be spritzed or slathered on post-shower?

(bonus points if you can figure out who the heck their target market is)